Book Review: GILA: A Journey Through Moods & Madness


Author: Hanna Alkaf

Published: 2016 by Gerakbudaya

I thought of giving books written by local authors a try when my eyes happened upon this title. The title fascinated me and the book cover conveyed exactly what the book was going to be about. Looking closely at the art, it seems to me as if the letter “I” was a needle that was going to stab the apparently tortured figure at the bottom right corner. “Gila” is a Malay word which translates to “insane” or “crazy” in the English language.

As stated on the back of the book, GILA was to be a book which compiles stories of people with mental-illnesses and how it affects their lives. Frankly, that was what pushed me to get this book apart from the fact that I thought I should give Malaysian books a try. I had always wanted to read more about mental-illnesses in Malaysia and since it’s not exactly a popular topic in this country, this book was really a rare find for me. Continue reading “Book Review: GILA: A Journey Through Moods & Madness”

Book Review: The Ringmaster’s Daughter


Author: Jostein Gaarder (Translater by James Anderson)

Published: March 27th 2012 by Phoenix


Panina Manina, a trapeze artist, falls and breaks her neck. As the ringmaster bends over her, he notices an amulet of amber around her neck, the same trinket he had given his own lost child, who was swept away in a torrent some sixteen years earlier.

This tale is narrated by Petter, a precocious child and fantasist, and perhaps Jostein Gaarder’s most intriguing character since Sophie. As an adult, Petter makes his living selling stories and ideas to professionals suffering from writer’s block. But as Petter sits spinning his tales, he finds himself in a trap of his own making.

Review: Continue reading “Book Review: The Ringmaster’s Daughter”

Book Review: Mother


Author: Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross

Published: April 9th 2016 by Glass Apple Press


A Girl’s Worst Nightmare is Her Mother …
Priscilla Martin. She’s the diva of Morning Glory Circle and a driving force in the quaint California town of Snapdragon. Overseer of garage sales and neighborhood Christmas decorations, she is widely admired. But few people know the real woman behind the perfectly coiffed hair and Opium perfume.

Family is Forever. And Ever and Ever …  Continue reading “Book Review: Mother”

Book Review: Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy


Author: Daniel J Robertson (The Junk Talk Poet)

Published: January 29th 2016 by Amazon

Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy is a short collection of poems about the subtle and usually unknown horrors of today’s society. It is a short read, really. But the poems and what they imply will stick to you for a while and push you to actually see things from a different angle. The collection of poems does not actually contain the horror genre per se, but it is when I see the situation from the poet’s point of view that I can see the hidden terror. Continue reading “Book Review: Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy”

Book Review: In The Dark

29995410Author: Daniel Fox

Published: April 24th 2016

Steve Lewis has just suffered a traumatic brain damage and he wakes up with no recollection of his wife, Lisa or his son, Tyler. Confused and in a daze, he only remembers his past and he is filled with trepidation of returning home from the hospital. A home he has no memories of. Lisa, his loving and strong wife is determined to remain by his side although Steve couldn’t remember her. As time goes on, other memories surface and all Steve remembers is another woman whom he loves. With that memory, things get sinister and patience are tried. Can Steve regain his memories in time? Continue reading “Book Review: In The Dark”