Book Review: Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy


Author: Daniel J Robertson (The Junk Talk Poet)

Published: January 29th 2016 by Amazon

Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy is a short collection of poems about the subtle and usually unknown horrors of today’s society. It is a short read, really. But the poems and what they imply will stick to you for a while and push you to actually see things from a different angle. The collection of poems does not actually contain the horror genre per se, but it is when I see the situation from the poet’s point of view that I can see the hidden terror. Continue reading “Book Review: Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy”

Book Review: Potpourri of Poetry


Author: Dorothy P. Lockyer

Published: March 31st 2016 by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd.


There are secrets within this book,

I invite you to take a look!

Poems I hope will make you smile,

others to cause you to think a while.

Some written to provoke maybe

a long forgotten memory!

But most of all I hope you find

some words to cheer your heart and mind! Continue reading “Book Review: Potpourri of Poetry”