2016 Wrap-up

It’s already the end of the year already, and this year has really been a year full of changes for me, entering university and everything. Although I’ve been reading everywhere on Facebook that 2016 isn’t really a good year, I still feel blessed. As 2017 is starting soon (tomorrow, in fact) I can’t say I have many resolutions apart from surpassing the 2016 version of me. I would like to read more book next year than I did this year and review more books even while I cope with university assignments and tests. I don’t want to use university as an excuse for not reading.

I want to perhaps try writing stories again. Ever since entering university, I’ve got plenty of inspirations for writing short stories which I have written down in a small notebook. I certainly hope I can begin working on those ideas before my notebook overflows with those ideas.

Like I said, I plan on surpassing myself, so naturally that involves my studies too. It’s going to be a very busy 2017 and I want to use every single minute of it productively, whether it’s reading, reviewing, studying or writing. I just want to do the best that I can.

And perhaps I should not put that high an expectation on the number of books I want to read next year. My 2016 Goodreads reading goal was a hundred books and I’ve barely read past 50 books. I should probably tone that down a little next year.

Before I end the final post of the year 2016, I would love to wish every single person reading this to have a wonderful 2017. Even though things might not turn out as you hoped next year, that’s still not a reason to let it ruin your year. The best thing to do is to always look forward for tomorrow and to try your best again and again.

That’s all from me! Time to go back to studying for my finals. No end-of-year celebration for me this time.

My First Week in University and What Orientation Taught Me

If I thought that the preparations for entering university was hectic, and that upon entering university, the dust will settle and I could learn to slowly adapt, boy, was I ever wrong. Orientation week was chaotic. We freshies slept in the wee hours of the morning and had to wake up before sunrise.

However, tiring as it definitely was, I felt that it was like being a part of a big family where your college mates will back you up. Even so, the first week in an entirely new environment has its ups and downs for me.

1. University life is a far cry from home.

Right. I thought I knew this. I thought I had everything covered based on what I heard from other people. But there are times we need to actually experience something to really feel it.

Before entering university, I know that there won’t be hot water and that there are only shared bathrooms and toilets. I thought I could cope. So far, I’d like to think I did. But truth is, I’m dreadfully out of my depth here. I’m sure I can shoulder all of this and carry on, but the one big difference between university and home is that here living in a hostel, I don’t have my mum with me (Yes, I’m attached to her). I miss her cuddles and kisses.

I told her this before and I’ll say it here too: Home is where my mum is. Continue reading “My First Week in University and What Orientation Taught Me”

Stories Exists Not Only In Books

Summer reading

It’s true. Stories exist in every human being. But it’s not as if there’s a book in every person. Instead, everyone has a story in them; a story made of their past, their present and their hopes and dreams, as well as their actions and thoughts. Imagine standing in a crowded area such as a shopping mall. Everyone walking around you has as story to tell. But unfortunately, not many do. Some wait for the right time to say it, others prefer to keep to themselves. Then there are those who want to see in bookstores and others keep their stories for their children and grandchildren. Continue reading “Stories Exists Not Only In Books”