One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview


Author: Jason B. Ladd

Published: 2015 by Boone Shepherd


Everyone dies. Young or old, whether by accident, murder, natural disaster, or illness, death comes to every human being, and only rarely does the dealer show his hand. When the flame of life is extinguished, we exit the realm of time and enter into eternity.

For centuries, the great thinkers have labored to understand man’s purpose.

Can there be true meaning and significance in our lives no if there is no ultimate, objective meaning and existence now if there is no ultimate, objective meaning and existence after death? If our species is just a cosmic blip of evolved energy and matter, then will it matter what we were when our energy runs out? Human beings are either very special or very deluded. What do you believe about God? Your answer will lead to a worldview that shapes your thinking about humanity, the world, and what exists beyond. This question is a matter of life and death. A life pursuing the answer is well spent.

While this book will connect strongly with parents, it will benefit a wide group of readers. It will help the student struggling to make sense of the world. It will encourage men on a mission to find their faith and women desiring to share their convictions. It will help seekers exploring the concept of Christians struggling with doubt. It will help older Christians understand the new generation of skeptics and the youth to understand the faithfulness of their elders. It will help anyone tired of floating through life without direction, purpose, of hope. Continue reading “One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview”

Book Review: If You’re Gone


Author: Brittany Goodwin

Published: June 20th by Edge of 22 Publishing

Lillian was having the perfect high school life with her best friends and her boyfriend, Brad. Everything was going on so well until the day after Brad’s graduation. Brad disappeared from Lions Port and remained missing, causing Lillian to do all she can to search for him. Frantic and close to depression, she begins to learn more about Brad than she ever did during the six months they were together.

If You’re Gone is a wonderful story about high school romance, heartbreak and the fear of the unknown. When Brad went missing, Lillian was on the brink of despair. Her desire to sing vanished and she felt that her future just wasn’t important without Brad. Most importantly, she finds herself questioning God and her faith. I have no idea how it would feel when someone I love disappears with no apparent reason, but after reading about Lillian, I think I can understand how it feels. Continue reading “Book Review: If You’re Gone”

Book Review: Edge of Apocalypse

Authors: Tim Lahaye and Craig Parshall

Published: April 20th 2010 by Zondevan (First published January 1st 2010)

A missile was launched by a US spy plane on a nuclear plant in North Korea.

In retaliation, a North Korean ship sailed to the borders of New York and launched two missiles heading towards Manhattan.

Only one man has the technology to save New York from total destruction. Joshua Jordan had created a weapon defense system with his team: RTS(Return-to-Sender) which will turn back any missiles headed towards them and return them to the sender.

As a result, the North Korean ship was blasted into nothingness and the US government was saying that they did not give their permission to use the RTS defense system in the first place. Josh Jordan changed from a national hero to a selfish man in the eyes of the government and the citizens.

But the world was aware of this extraordinary weapon and one man has already hired an assassin by the name of Atta Zimler to get the all the documents and plans to construct the RTS from Joshua. The only way Atta Zimler plans to obtain the documents is through a path of bloodshed and deaths. The situation gets even worse as Joshua becomes a fugitive and his son Cal falls into Atta Zimler’s trap.

Edge of Apocalypse gave me the chills as I read it. At the start of the book, I see the missiles heading for New York and I was scared as I read about the chaos caused in the streets. I grew even more terrified as I read the part where Cal watched helplessly as a woman gets trampled to death by the stampede. As the story goes on, I read about the government controlling the media and even using it to its advantage. Truthfully, I am not surprise if this is going on in this very times. It’s quite disturbing when I think I can’t trust the news and the internet anymore. Imagine having the latest news being edited by the government. Not a good thought at all. In Edge of Apocalypse, the media is used by the government to spread news that Josh Jordan is in reality an unpatriotic guy and that the reason he refuses to pass all the documents regarding RTS to the government is because he intends to sell that technology to the highest bidder. Thus a national hero is seen as a betrayer in the eyes of the country.

What I loved about this book is that the authors Tim Lahaye and Craig Parshall incorporated God and His words about the end-times into every aspect of the story. This book is a direct way to warn the readers that the end-times are coming as stated by God in the Bible. That fact alone is scary enough. But it’s evident in the story that even though the end-times are approaching, God will still watch over His children, no matter what. Nothing is impossible for God. The character I admire the most in the Edge of Apocalypse, is Abigail Jordan. Her faith remains strong even when facing adversity and she never blamed God when her son, Cal was kidnapped, instead, she trusted in God to save him. And God did. The term used to describe her, glow-girl, really suits her.

I really recommend this book to all the readers out there. It is really an eye-opener and how the world can be.