Book Review: Someday


Author: Alison McGhee

Illustrator: Peter H. Reynolds

Published: December 15th 2015 by Little Simon (First published January 1st 2007)

The transition from a baby, to a child and finally to an adult is something that happens to everyone but to a mother’s eyes, her baby will always remain her baby even though grown up. Someday is about a mother’s dreams and hopes for her child; that she will live life to the fullest, that she would learn to experience everything in life and that she would one day be a mother herself.

Someday is a picture book not necessarily meant for children. I recommend this book to everyone because it reminds us of a mother’s love for us. Even to those who don’t have the opportunity to know their mothers, this book gives of a sense of being loved and how we should have dreams for our children in the future.

What really drew my attention to this book was the art. It was a simple yet comforting picture of a mother holding up her baby. The art style was so innocent and gentle and the title sounded dreamy that I just had to pick it up and read the contents. The illustrations were minimal. They did not choke the story but served to accentuate the words. The arrangement of the words and picture were really beautiful.

Upon rereading the book, I noticed that of the dreams the mother had for her child, she did not dream of fame, wealth or what sort of profession her child would have. Instead, she imagined her child exploring places, experiencing different emotions, being a loving mother and her growing old. In the end, the mother wished for her child’s happiness and well-being, not her status in the world.

Someday is just the book I would love to pass down to my children if I got a chance to have them. I would also share them with my parents. This book reminds me a little of home and it now sits on my table where I can flip through it whenever I need distraction from my work and the environment around me. After all, we all need to be reminded of our origins and those who love us, right?


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