One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview


Author: Jason B. Ladd

Published: 2015 by Boone Shepherd


Everyone dies. Young or old, whether by accident, murder, natural disaster, or illness, death comes to every human being, and only rarely does the dealer show his hand. When the flame of life is extinguished, we exit the realm of time and enter into eternity.

For centuries, the great thinkers have labored to understand man’s purpose.

Can there be true meaning and significance in our lives no if there is no ultimate, objective meaning and existence now if there is no ultimate, objective meaning and existence after death? If our species is just a cosmic blip of evolved energy and matter, then will it matter what we were when our energy runs out? Human beings are either very special or very deluded. What do you believe about God? Your answer will lead to a worldview that shapes your thinking about humanity, the world, and what exists beyond. This question is a matter of life and death. A life pursuing the answer is well spent.

While this book will connect strongly with parents, it will benefit a wide group of readers. It will help the student struggling to make sense of the world. It will encourage men on a mission to find their faith and women desiring to share their convictions. It will help seekers exploring the concept of Christians struggling with doubt. It will help older Christians understand the new generation of skeptics and the youth to understand the faithfulness of their elders. It will help anyone tired of floating through life without direction, purpose, of hope.


The blurb above was quoted directly from beginning of the introduction of the book. I chose to quote it because the questions asked in the passage is very alike to most of the questions asked by so many people today. It encompasses the confusion and lack of understanding in mankind and it is the prelude to what is to come in the book. Just by reading this passage, I was able to catch a glimpse into the issues the author, Jason will address.

When I started to read this book, I was captivated both by the contents of the book as well as the smoothness of the flow of words. Each chapter blended in perfectly to the next and I loved reading the multiple quotes given at the beginning of each chapter to signify two different views. It reminded me of the saying “two sides of the same coin” and prompted me to really pause and reflect on the meaning behind those quotes.

One of the Few was wonderfully human as it tells of bits and pieces of Jason’s life from his childhood to his training and up till the present time. I’m glad to read that his first love is his only love. It shows that such love still exist in this world. He uses his life and his time in the Marines as examples and analogies to Christian principles and God’s Word to allow the reader to catch the meaning of certain Scriptures in the modern sense. I truly admire his ability to see the distinct similarities between the Marines and Christianity. More often than not, I would be caught by surprise at how certain experience or lesson from the Marines can be tied to Christianity and the Bible.

His struggles and determination to search for the answers he needed showed me what most that were born in Christian families lacked: the tenacity and the thirst for God’s Word and to truly understand what is stated in the Scriptures. I often had the opinion that those who weren’t born in Christian families but found God (or most accurately found by God) were more grounded in their faith. Reading One of the Few confirms it. For that, I believe that his actions to think skeptically and critically about Christianity and studying the Scriptures are a good way to strengthen our faith in God. But of course, every action should and must be accompanied by a prayer because I believe only God can show us the answer that we seek.

In this book, many social issues were addressed such as alcohol abuse, pornography, whether or not abortion is right and the difference between killing and murder. I don’t think I agree fully on his opinions on murder and killing but where my life currently does not require me to make such difficult decisions, for him, it could be a matter of life and death.

While reading One of the Few, I was introduced not only to how the Marine functions but also to certain new information such as the many worldviews in the world today. The New Age Movement is a relatively new term for me since the first time I heard it was in a sermon I listened a few months ago. This movement was also mentioned in this book and warns of its many dangers and traps. My eyes were open to many things to look out for after reading this book and certain things doesn’t seem so innocent to me now.

The many references and quotes from other books especially from the Scriptures serve to strengthen what Jason is trying to drive home through this book: to reveal the Christianity worldview as what is originally is, shedding all stereotypes and labels many attach to this religion which is actually a relationship with God. Some often asked questions by believers and non-believers alike are addressed and explained in this book which helps the reader to understand what Christianity is about and at the same time to dig deeper into the Word of God to see for themselves. Jason doesn’t mince words and every word cuts deep and allows the reader to think and to question the world around them.

I would like to thank the author, Jason for providing me with a wonderfully penned book.



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