Book Review: It’s Not About You, Mr. Pumpkin: A Love Letter About the True Meaning of Halloween


Author: Soraya Diase Coffelt

Illustrator: Tea Seroya

Published: 2015 by Morgan James Publishing


Halloween has become one of the most popular and commercially profitable holidays in America, yet the true origin of the day is often missed. Almost everyone equates “trick or treat” with Halloween, but what events were the catalyst behind this centuries-old tradition?

This delightfully illustrated children’s story is sure to become a tradition for you and your family as October rolls around each year. It will be a helpful tool to instruct children on the important historical background behind this holiday and to reflect on what is most important.


I live in a country where we don’t exactly celebrate Halloween. There’re a few events here and there towards the end of October but it’s not nationally acknowledged. The only way I found out about Halloween was through books and the television so reading this children’s book gave me a sense of excitement because I knew that I could get to know more about this popular event.

This illustrated children’s book serves to teach children, with their young and highly imaginative minds the background of Halloween and where it originated. I was quite surprised as well when I read how Halloween started in the past and how it transitioned from something frightening to something seemingly harmless.

Although It’s Not About You, Mr. Pumpkin talks about the history of Halloween, it also encourages the intended readers to put their feet in the shoes of the people of olden times and to feel how they felt. I loved how the author managed to slip in a short geography talk as well.

The illustration in the book was really beautiful and well-thought out. The colourful pictures drew my attention and my only regret was that this book was far too short for me but long enough for younger readers.



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