Book Review: The Ultimate Book of Body Language


Authors: Lillian Glass, Gregory Hartley & Maryann Karinch

Published: 2015 by Popular

The Ultimate Book of Body Language is a special 2-in-1 special edition comprising of The Body Language of Liars by Lillian Glass and The Body Language Handbook By Gregory Hartley and Maryann Karinch.

In The Body Language of Liars, Lillian Glass talks about the reasons people lie and how to detect when someone is lying to you by observing that person’s behaviour and body language which usually deviates from the baseline of a person’s normal character. Various pictures and snapshots of famous people and celebrities are used as examples as Lillian goes on to list their body language and explains the context behind their facial expressions or position of their body.

The Body Language Handbook explains the steps to learn to read body language and how a certain body language signals different meanings in different situations. Gregory Hartley is an expert interrogator and through this book, he teaches how to read the body language shown in different parts of the body and the psychology behind the body movements, whether intentional or habitual. Photos and pictures are given in this book to provide good examples of people in different situations and serves as a visual medium for the readers to grasp exactly how certain body language would look like with several variances. Gregory also talks about how gestures have different meanings in different cultures and how that affects the reader when trying to read body language.

The Ultimate Book of Body Language provides a good basic knowledge of body language and what we need to do in order to correctly read people. As stressed in both books, reading body language is not mind reading. Instead, we get to learn the emotions that cause such movements. Both books also talk about the necessity to get to know a person first and to establish a baseline of that particular person before we can actually attempt to read that person’s body language.

What I found hugely educating was the way both books explained the various body movements meticulously, starting from the face and the head and then moving down the body from there. I also loved reading the biological processes taking place behind certain expressions and body movements. For example, in The Body Language Handbook, Gregory Hartley explains what is taking place in the brain as a person looks to the right or to the left and whether they look upwards or downwards.

Reading The Ultimate Book of Body Language enabled me to look at myself and my actions more closely and to associate which emotions I feel when I express certain actions and facial expressions. In more ways than one, I also learnt how to get my message across in a better manner.

If I were to choose which one of the two books I enjoyed more, I’d say The Body Language Handbook. The book was written in a very engaging and conversational manner which really caught my attention and the many pictures used in the book was interesting as well. The Body Language of Liars provides photos as well but those are mostly redundant whereas in The Body Language Handbook, there are a larger variety of pictures.

The Ultimate Book of Body Language was a very informative book which encourages the reader to try to be more observant to the people around them and observe their mannerisms and character.


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