Book Review: Pedigree Mum


Author: Fiona Gibson

Published: February 28th 2013 by Avon

Kerry Tambini has had it with the London city life. Persuading her half-Italian husband, Rob to buy her aunt Maisie’s house over in Shorling, she’s all set to begin a new and wonderful family life there along with her two children, Mia and Freddie. Everything starts to go downhill when she found out Rob had made a terrible blunder in a state of drunkenness.

If that wasn’t enough, Shorling wasn’t as she remembered. Now a rather posh place where every little thing is known by almost the whole town, Kerry fears that her idea to move doesn’t sound that good after all. Left with her two children in Shorling, she decides to heed her children’s whining and get a dog; with the intention of getting back at Rob. In a new environment, Kelly has to pull herself together if not for her, then for her children.

Pedigree Mum was a fun book to read. I’d categorize it as a romantic-comedy novel with a little drama in it – mostly Rob’s though. Rob’s seemingly perfect life took a turn for the worst on the night before his fortieth birthday. I can’t say I blame Kerry for being so bitter towards him. But of all of the characters, his life was the most complicated. If there is one thing I learnt from this book, it’s to not get drunk at all. Especially in public places or another person’s home. The effects are usually humiliating and evidently, you might not know what you did when you were drunk.

Kelly is easily the character to be admired, being able to pull herself together after separating from Rob. She even managed to treat her children as adults and to explain exactly why she and Rob couldn’t be together. She was never angry at her children and almost always manages to speak to them in a calm and collected manner even though both Mia and Freddie kept shooting questions at her. It’s a wonder she didn’t let her children drive her up the wall; I imagine I would already be half insane if left for a day with two extremely active and inquisitive kids.

Pedigree Mum was certainly humorous; it made me laugh countless times. The private thoughts of Kelly about Rob were hilarious especially concerning how Buddy, the newly adopted dog would react when he meets Rob.

I really liked Buddy; imagine a dog having separation anxiety. That’s a pretty serious thing and not everyone is capable of handling such situations. James was a good example of that. But it was good to see Kerry and the kids lavishing all the attention and love on Buddy. Just by the description of him me want to cuddle and hug him. Living near the beach is an advantage for big dogs.

Reading Pedigree Mum was very entertaining and fun for me. It dragged me from my usual life and allow me to immerse myself in someone else’s story.


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