Book Review: The Wizard’s Heir


Author: Devri Walls

Published: November 2015 by SuperStorm Productions


Tybolt’s a Deviant, a hated race immune to direct magic in a world where Wizards ensure survival. But when he loses his entire family to a spell-made storm he joins an elite group of Wizard hunters, organized beneath the new non-magic wielding king.

Now eighteen, he spends his days capturing Wizards. But the nights are his, reserved to feed the starving villagers of Eriroc under cover of dark. There are always more people in need than he can help, and one of these days he’s going to hang for theft from the royal kitchens.

Although Tybolt and his fierce partner, Auriella, have imprisoned many Wizards, the one partially responsible for the storm that killed Tybolt’s family is still out there: Alistair. When an old informant claims to have information regarding their elusive prey, everything changes.

In a cruel twist, Tybolt realizes he isn’t who he thought he was at all. How can he save himself, the people, and those he loves while keeping his secrets safe? Can he hide his true nature and allow the corrupt king to remain on the throne?

Or will he have to unveil himself and risk possible execution to save them all?


The Wizard’s Heir is a great fantasy novel and because it’s not a series, the story is pretty fast-paced. The story begins with Tybolt’s life as a young boy living with his mother and sister in a lighthouse near the cliffs, telling in detail how his quiet and happy life changed in an instant. Fast forward to age of eighteen; Tybolt is now a full-fledged and unique Hunter. What make him easily distinguishable from the rest of the Hunters are his blue eyes. Interestingly enough, he never seemed to question that fact. After all, what made him a Hunter was his immunity to magic.

Tybolt has a humorous and charitable character. Unlike other Hunters, he cares for the villagers and shows compassion to them even to the point of spending his bounty money on them. What touches me the most when reading The Wizard’s Heir was the part where the village boy commented that Tybolt cares more for them than the king.

The relationship between Tybolt and Auriella was sweet and beautiful. Tybolt was patient with Auriella and he was the only the guy who wanted to really know about her and past. When Auriella finally opened her heart to Tybolt, the happiness in Tybolt can be felt so clearly that I sincerely hoped that they would be together.

The Wizard’s Heir was well constructed as a fantasy story, with clear distinction between the different groups found in the story. The hierarchy of Eriroc after the Fracture is a simple one with the King at the top followed by the Hunters and then the villagers. The wizards were hunted and kept in the Hold where they were tortured for information.

As Tybolt learns about his heritage, he begins to see that the lines between the truth and lies were blurred and the people he thought he knew began to show him their hidden sides. But even though he has to go through such drastic changes, he remains good-natured and his intentions were always pure.

Told in way that captures my imagination and keeps me excited to know what will happen next, The Wizard’s Heir is the perfect read for those who prefers stand-alone fantasy novels instead of a long series. Unfortunately, I hoped that I could learn more about the wizards and their individual abilities and read about what happened to all the imprisoned wizards after they were freed (I’m assuming they were freed). Either way, The Wizard’s Heir was an exciting read for me.

I would like to thank the author, Devri Walls for sending me a copy of The Wizard’s Heir.


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  1. bookgeeking says:

    This book looks interesting. I like books about magic or lack of magic. Great review.

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