Book Review: How to Fall in Love


Author: Cecilia Ahern

Published: April 10th 2014 by HarperCollins


Christine Rose is crossing the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin late one night when she sees a stranger, Adam, poised to jump. Desperate to help, she talks him into a reckless deal: if he gives her two weeks – till his 35th birthday – she’ll prove that life is worth living.

But as the clock ticks and the two of them embark on late-night escapades and romantic adventures, what Christine has really promised seems impossible…


Finally! A book where the guy cries! It’s not that I’m tired of books in which the girls cry and the guys lend them a shoulder to cry on. It’s just that I enjoy reading something different once in a while. Christine isn’t the macho type of woman of course, but she’s strong and she worries easily, which makes her worry about typically everything. I found it a little funny but touching how she always consults self-help books whenever she needs answer to something. I think it’s something we all do at some time of our lives.

While reading How to Fall in Love, I was unsure if Christine could really save Adam from suicidal thoughts and fix the problems in his life in just two weeks. She really had to work on a very tight schedule. Adam was a sensitive type of man who isn’t afraid to cry when it hurts or when his heart is filled to bursting. I actually did learn to fall in love; I fell in love with Adam, not with his looks (although that helped a little), but with his personality. I loved how he thought of what to give Maria, his girlfriend which he wanted to patch things up with, on previous Valentine’s days.

How to Fall in Love started off with Christine wanting to help Adam, but as the story goes on, she not only got to know more about Adam and his past, he helped her unearth insecurities in herself too. All the while receiving threatening phone calls from her soon to be ex-husband, Barry.

I enjoyed reading the parts which has the Rose family in it.  Christine’s family was so lively and wacky it made even me, the reader, feel right at home there. They have a sense of humour that could just make me laugh, although Christine was probably embarrassed by it. I could never have guessed that a tragedy hit that family until it was revealed. Even with the absence of Christine’s mum, her whole family remained strong and their bonds were brought even closer with their lost.

My most favourite lines from this book which really struck me deep are:

“It’s a moment, that’s all. And moments pass. If you hang in there, this moment will pass and you won’t want to end your life. You probably think that no one cares, or that they’ll get over you. Maybe you think they want you to do this. They don’t. No one wants this for anyone. It might feel as if there are no options, but there are – you can come through this.” – Christine

Suicide is the main issue in How to Fall in Love and how a person with the heart to help can make a difference to the person who wants to commit suicide. But that’s not the only issue. There’s even a little on cyber bullying in this book. I think that Christine should be a therapist, but in the end, I’m glad she’s not. She’s much more fun doing what she does, even though the therapist in her creeps out every so often.

What I love about reading Cecilia Ahern’s novels is that the characters are so real. They’re so real and so imperfectly perfect that sometimes I’d wonder if perhaps I might know someone like that in the future. I could really connect with them. Sure, there are times where I find the plots predictable, but I find a little comfort in the predictable. After all, what’s predictable it the ending, not how it would get there, so I still find some surprises hidden in certain parts of her books. How to Fall in Love is no different; reading it is just as magical as the previous books I’ve read by her.


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