August Wrap-up

Phew! August was a really hectic month for me. First I received the results of my university placements. In the following month, I’ll be entering university to major in animal science. I’m feeling really nervous now, being away from home for the first time. Today’s the university registration day so after this, I’ll be having an orientation week.

Back to the wrap-up. I’ve been rather quiet on my blog lately due to all the preparations I had to do. I managed to do loads of shopping but unfortunately, I didn’t buy a single book *sob*.

To be honest, I’m not even sure if I might be able to review all that often once the new term starts. I’ll have to learn to be independent without my parents by my side now. I still hope to be active on my blog though. I’ll try to think of posts to write to make up for the lack of reviews.

This is the list of book reviews I posted this month:

  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany.
  2. How to Fall in Love by Cecilia Ahern
  3. Kings or Pawns by J.J. Sherwood
  4. If You’re Gone by Brittany Goodwin
  5. Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer
  6. The Wizard’s Heir by Devri Walls

I took a look at my 2016 Goodreads reading goal. I’m only 50% done so far. Serves me right for setting so high a goal for myself. 100 books indeed!

That’s all from me today! How are all your monthly wrap-up? Happy back to school everyone and happy reading!

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I Read in Secret during Lessons

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic from The Broke and the Bookish is a Back to School freebie!

Back to school already?? It’s just too soon! Although in Malaysia, school term starts in January, the university term starts in the beginning of September. So really is back to school (or a new life in university) for me. For the sake of reminiscing, I choose to make a list of the top 10 books I enjoyed reading in class while lessons were still going on. It’s not a good habit and I would be in big trouble if I was caught but sometimes, I just had to read because:

1. The story I was reading was too interesting and I just couldn’t wait to know what happens next, and

2. Lessons were just too boring. (To all young bookworms out there, don’t follow my example. I’m a bad example to others, haha)

Right-o, let’s start! Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I Read in Secret during Lessons”

Book Review: The Wizard’s Heir


Author: Devri Walls

Published: November 2015 by SuperStorm Productions


Tybolt’s a Deviant, a hated race immune to direct magic in a world where Wizards ensure survival. But when he loses his entire family to a spell-made storm he joins an elite group of Wizard hunters, organized beneath the new non-magic wielding king.

Now eighteen, he spends his days capturing Wizards. But the nights are his, reserved to feed the starving villagers of Eriroc under cover of dark. There are always more people in need than he can help, and one of these days he’s going to hang for theft from the royal kitchens.

Although Tybolt and his fierce partner, Auriella, have imprisoned many Wizards, the one partially responsible for the storm that killed Tybolt’s family is still out there: Alistair. When an old informant claims to have information regarding their elusive prey, everything changes.

In a cruel twist, Tybolt realizes he isn’t who he thought he was at all. How can he save himself, the people, and those he loves while keeping his secrets safe? Can he hide his true nature and allow the corrupt king to remain on the throne?

Or will he have to unveil himself and risk possible execution to save them all? Continue reading “Book Review: The Wizard’s Heir”

Book Review: Paths of Glory


Author: Jeffrey Archer

Published: March 3rd 2009 by St. Martin’s Press (First published January 1st 2009)

Blurb (taken from Goodreads):

Some people have dreams that are so magnificent that if they were to achieve them, their place in history would be guaranteed. Francis Drake, Robert Scott, Charles Lindbergh, Amy Johnson, Edmund Hilary, Neil Armstrong, and Lewis and Clark are among such individuals.

But what if one man had such a dream, and once he’d fulfilled it, there was no proof that he had achieved his ambition?

Jeffrey Archer’s book, Paths of Glory, is the story of such a man—George Mallory. Mallory once told an American reporter that he wanted to climb Mt. Everest, “because it’s there.” On his third attempt in 1924, at age thirty-seven, he was last seen six hundred feet from the top. His body was found in 1999, and it still remains a mystery whether he ever reached the summit.

But only after you’ve turned the last page of this extraordinary novel, inspired by a true story, will you be able to decide if George Mallory’s name should be added to the list of legends, in which case another name would have to be removed. Paths of Glory is truly a triumph. Continue reading “Book Review: Paths of Glory”

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books That Have Been on My TBR From Before I Started Blogging


My TBR is literally a pile of books sitting in the last shelf of my bookcase waiting to be read and arranged into their respective shelves. I started blogging in December 2015 so I’ll have to choose from the books I’ve bought but are still in my TBR list till now.

This Top Ten Tuesday topic really is interesting. First off, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme originally started by the blogger over at The Broke and the Bookish.

In 2014 and 2015, I’ve went to a large book sale called the Big Bad Wolf where the books are so cheap I ended up buying loads of them. Naturally, a pile of books from those time remain unread and are still on my TBR.

Here’s my book haul in 2014:


And in 2015:


Now, it’s time to recall the books still on my TBR:

1. Hard Times by Charles Dickens

I enjoy reading Charles Dickens’ books but I just couldn’t find the time to really sit back and concentrate on Hard Times.  Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books That Have Been on My TBR From Before I Started Blogging”

Blog Tour + Excerpt: Benjamin Fields Trilogy


Benjamin’s Field Trilogy
By: J.J. Knights

Forward by retired NASA astronaut Jay Apt, PhD, veteran of four space shuttle missions.

BF1Book One: Rescue

Forward by retired NASA astronaut Jay Apt, PhD, veteran of four space shuttle missions.

Benjamin’s Field: Rescue’ has been awarded a five-star review by the literary site ‘Reader’s Favorite’ (

Benjamin’s Field follows a rural farm family over the course of sixty years from the viewpoint of the youngest member, Jeremy Kyner. Beginning with America’s entry into World War I, Jeremy and his family are followed through war, peace, triumph, tragedy, heartbreak, and final happiness as the reader examines the role of family loyalty versus individual need, personal liberty and how it relates to society’s demands, religious prejudice, racism, intolerance, the role of charity, and the overwhelming need for humans to forgive one another. While still in manuscript form, Benjamin’s Field, Book One, Rescue, was advanced to the “Best Sellers Chart” of the peer review website In Book One, “Rescue,” a widowed farmer suffers an unspeakable loss during World War I. Burdened with grief, he learns from his nemesis, a dogmatic Catholic priest, that his son’s fiance has given birth to their crippled child. Unable to cope with the child’s deformity and confounded by his illegitimate birth, the farmer is battered by those closest to him with accusations of cruelty and intolerance until he finally reveals his true feelings and the reasons underlying his apparent bigotry. Set in a historical context, Benjamin’s Field is a compelling story about human dignity overcoming adversity, prejudice, and hatred. Interwoven with lighter moments, this dramatic and moving tale will take the reader on an emotional and sometimes humorous journey.” Continue reading “Blog Tour + Excerpt: Benjamin Fields Trilogy”

Book Review: If You’re Gone


Author: Brittany Goodwin

Published: June 20th by Edge of 22 Publishing

Lillian was having the perfect high school life with her best friends and her boyfriend, Brad. Everything was going on so well until the day after Brad’s graduation. Brad disappeared from Lions Port and remained missing, causing Lillian to do all she can to search for him. Frantic and close to depression, she begins to learn more about Brad than she ever did during the six months they were together.

If You’re Gone is a wonderful story about high school romance, heartbreak and the fear of the unknown. When Brad went missing, Lillian was on the brink of despair. Her desire to sing vanished and she felt that her future just wasn’t important without Brad. Most importantly, she finds herself questioning God and her faith. I have no idea how it would feel when someone I love disappears with no apparent reason, but after reading about Lillian, I think I can understand how it feels. Continue reading “Book Review: If You’re Gone”

Book Review: Kings or Pawns


Author: J. J. Sherwood

Published: October 2015

The True Bloods left Sevrigel after failing to curb the selfish control the Council of Elves has over the King of Sevrigel and the decisions needed to be made in the country. King Liadeltris, the first king of non-royal blood has passed away and the throne is passed on to his son, Hairem, who is still inexperienced in the responsibilities of a king but is fuelled with the desire to prevent the council from wrecking any more troubles. The only elf with pure intentions, King Hairem has to challenge every decision the council makes and try to sway as many as he can to his side. When he meets Ilsevel, the daughter of Nilanis, the El’adorium, he hopes that capturing her heart would has its advantages. Continue reading “Book Review: Kings or Pawns”

Book Review: How to Fall in Love


Author: Cecilia Ahern

Published: April 10th 2014 by HarperCollins


Christine Rose is crossing the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin late one night when she sees a stranger, Adam, poised to jump. Desperate to help, she talks him into a reckless deal: if he gives her two weeks – till his 35th birthday – she’ll prove that life is worth living.

But as the clock ticks and the two of them embark on late-night escapades and romantic adventures, what Christine has really promised seems impossible…


Finally! A book where the guy cries! It’s not that I’m tired of books in which the girls cry and the guys lend them a shoulder to cry on. It’s just that I enjoy reading something different once in a while. Christine isn’t the macho type of woman of course, but she’s strong and she worries easily, which makes her worry about typically everything. I found it a little funny but touching how she always consults self-help books whenever she needs answer to something. I think it’s something we all do at some time of our lives. Continue reading “Book Review: How to Fall in Love”

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Wanted to Read but are Still on my Bookshelf


A Top Ten Tuesday Rewind! So many choices. After viewing the spreadsheet provided by The Broke and the Bookish blog, I noticed that the weekly bookish meme, Top Ten Tuesday started in July in 2010. It really has gone a long way. Six years later, there are hundreds of TTT topics already explored and I’m so happy to be able to revisit the previous topics that I didn’t have the chance to do!

1. Seraphina by Rachel Hartman


I really wanted to get this book and as soon I saw the lovely cover of Seraphina in my local bookstore, I immediately got it. However, months later, it’s on my shelf and I still haven’t got around to reading it.

2. Trigger Warning by Nail Gaiman


Being a huge fan of Neil Gaiman, I knew I just had to get this book the moment I saw it and till today, I’m still admiring the cover of the book without actually reading it. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Wanted to Read but are Still on my Bookshelf”