Book Review: Spiral


Author: D.U. Okonkwo

Published: July 2015 by A Few Words Press Ltd.

Nina Bishop, a solicitor, was invited for a business networking trip organized by a client to Kitzbὔhel along with her firm partners and friends, Angela Akura and Neil Vaska. Parker Drayton, owner of a chain of hotels wanted to kill two birds with one stone on this trip hoping that he could forge a better relationship with his sons, Justin and Hugh during that trip. Due to an unforeseen reason, the pilot of the private jet bringing all of them to their destination had to be changed at the last minute. Jake Rush, the best pilot in Jets by Gwynne, was to pilot their jet instead. Everything was going well until Hugh made a thoughtless decision to barge into the cockpit and disrupted the flight. The jet crashed in the middle of nowhere in Austria, where they were surrounded by snow and mountains.

After they barely managed to escape an avalanche, they had to search for a way to get help and figure out how to survive in the deadly cold.

I didn’t know what to expect when reading Spiral because it’s not every day I come across a book in which the characters are stranded in a very cold place surrounded by unpredictable mountains following a jet crash. However, I was a little surprised when everyone except one person survived the crash. Usually, when I come across aircraft crashes, there weren’t any survivors, which left me quite baffled when I read how many survived in this book. Then, I thought that maybe they were lucky they had an exceptional pilot who probably landed the jet in the least damaging manner.

While I was reading Spiral, I could clearly feel the tension sizzling off the pages of the book. There was tension between Nina and her boyfriend, Alex, at the beginning of the book and at the same time, the same could be said between Parker and his sons, Hugh and Justin. Even after the crash, the tension seemed to just increased in intensity, but that was only to be expected because no one is bound to be cheerful and high-spirited after being involved in a crash and losing most of their personal belonging. Not to mention being stuck in a place with no food and unable to get help.

The one thing that confused me was Jake’s secretive manner and his immediate dislike towards Parker Drayton the moment he heard his name. I didn’t quite like Jake. He seemed sceptical at times and though a man with few words, most words that he spoke were usually barbed. I understand why he would hate Parker and his sons; I have nothing against Parker but putting myself in Jake’s shoes, I’d hate Hugh too.

For a moment, I was hoping for a little romance to bud between Jake and Nina but as the small group was getting more worried and frustrated by the minute, I don’t think that was going to happen any time soon. I felt that Nina managed well being optimistic and trying to lift everyone’s spirits up even though she worried herself to sleep each time.

Spiral was an exciting book; I was interested to see how each character will be able to hold themselves together after everything they’ve gone through. I wanted to read more of Neil’s wife, Rita and their baby, though. Neil had a tough time trying to be the peacemaker between Jake and Justin. If he weren’t there, I’m sure that the number of wounded characters would have increased.

Spiral is the first book of the Salzburg Saga. The story of the remaining survivors is to be continued in the second book, Torn. Although I was initially confused by the number of survivors, I’m certainly hoping that the number won’t continue to dwindle in the second book.

I would love to thank the author, Davina Okonkwo for sending a copy of Spiral my way.


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