Book Review: Feel Me Break


Author: Tara R.

Published: May 10th 2016 by Amazon Digital Services

Chloe Reeds was just sixteen when everything in her life went wrong. Suffocating alone and on the brink of simply just giving up, she was saved by Nick Grayson, a bright and handsome guy with a perfect life. The night of their meeting gave Chloe the strength to go on but turned Nick into a guilt-infested and scarred man. One thing remained the same; both of their hearts had been filled with only each other.

Feel Me Break wasn’t another sweet romance. Although I would consider it a bittersweet romance novel, in this case, a novella. Both Chloe and Nick were scarred, but beautiful characters with loads of burden and pain in their hearts. They both had issues they had to deal with. If I had to choose which character has the most burdens to bear, I would say that it was Nick. Unlike Chloe, he didn’t choose to go for therapy like Chloe and he couldn’t forgive himself for his past mistakes. Not to mention that his parents weren’t very helpful either.

Of course, I’m not downplaying Chloe’s pain either. Both of their burdens were equally heavy but Chloe had already taken the first step to not let the past kill her slowly inside. For that, I also think that Chloe was the stronger one compared to Nick.

There were a few issues this book dealt with that is rampant in today’s world. Drug abuse and self-harm are two of them. Self-harm is not easily realised as the person doing it would probably cover the evidence of the wounds. Feel Me Break makes me think of the teens out there just cutting themselves because it’s the one way they know that works and that makes me sad. Luckily for Chloe, she had a good friend who understands her. A good friend is someone every one of us need, but is rare to find these days.

The language used was simple and dealt more with the emotions and thoughts of the characters instead of the physical settings, which suits me just fine since I managed to know exactly what both Nick and Chloe were going through.

I enjoyed reading the book, although I lamented the fact that it was rather short and ended in a cliffhanger. It is a good thing that the continuation of Feel Me Break, is set to be released this year.

I would like to thank the author, Tara for sending me a copy of Feel Me Break.


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