Book Review: A Familiar Darkness


Author: Heather Sutherlin

Published: April 5th 2016

Hannah, a runaway who has settled in the small town, Poulsbo, is holding a secret deep inside her. Working as an artist and searching for something to complete her current series of painting, she decided to take a short trip to a carnival set in town. There, by fate or by coincidence, she saw Archer performing his tricks. After asking him a seemingly innocent question, Hannah set into motion a series of events which will eventually lead Archer and his friend, Mo, to her. Together, they journey to find a place to shelter Hannah from the army of demons after her. Without them knowing, Archer and Hannah are already tied together more firmly than any of them would have expected.

When I first saw the book, my first impression of A Familiar Darkness was a paranormal story set in the 19th century. I certainly did not expect the story to be set in the modern times and that Archer was a part of the circus troupe. That added a little more mystery to his already mysterious and cool demeanour. Archer may seem like a lone wolf at first but as the story goes on, I got to know more about him and his past and I find it easy to understand why he acts this way. After getting to know him, I admired him for his strength to continue to do what he does. I’d give up along the way.

Mo is just like a father figure to Archer; he quotes from Proverbs every so often to chastise Archer, the part I found amusing and fun to read. The amazing thing is that the Proverbs Mo used fits perfectly into the situation. It’s as if he has a Proverb for every event. When Hannah first met him, I thought that Mo was a fierce character but it turns out that he has a gentle and warm personality.

Hannah, like Archer, has a strong personality. She accepts what comes her way and she is determined enough to carry out what she thinks is right. She even chose to run away from home because her parents asked her to forget about her gift. I think that it’s a good thing she chose to embrace her gift instead of listening to her parents. To look at it from a bright side, her gift was probably what drawn her to Archer without her realizing it. The difference between Archer and Hannah was in the way they chose to carry themselves in society. Archer was cold and pushes almost everyone away because he was certain that he would only bring trouble. Hannah, on the other hand, is cheerful and kind and ever though she was scared of the demons, did not let that deter her.

A Familiar Darkness was a very good read and just the type of book I would go to when I just want to feel that warm cuddly feeling I get whenever I see Archer and Hannah together. The demons after Hannah also gave the right amount of thrill when I read the story. I found that the story progressed rather smoothly with hardly any awkward sentences. The only thing that disappointed me was the length of the book. Due to the intensity of the characters and the storyline, I found myself easily pulled into the story and much to my surprise, the book ended much too soon than I would have anticipated.

A Familiar Darkness is the first book in a series and many questions were left unanswered. I’m sure most of the questions will be answered and more questions will pop out in the next book of the series, Evening Shades. The one thing I am sure of after completing A Familiar Darkness is this: Their journey has just begun.

I would like to thank the author, Heather Sutherlin for giving me a copy of her book, A Familiar Darkness.


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