Book Review: Who You Work For


Author: Anthony David Mitchell

Published: February 4th 2016 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Reclusive assassin Thomas Moore dreams of joining his love, Dearest, in his private world he calls “Detour.” Moore’s father, Partner, has left him for the past year which Moore believes is his toughest lesson on growing up to being a man. All seems in place when Moore is confronted by his boss who he has never met who offers him a deal to get three times his usual money to kill a small-town mayor. Moore has only killed men guilty of murder and while his boss tells him this man is guilty, he cannot be sure. He will have to choose between grabbing the life he wants and sparing the life of a good man.

Suspenseful, darkly humorous with a deep look at a man who sees this world as a technological hell, Who You Work For will have you rooting for a man who could only be wrong in a world where all is lost.


At first glance, I had expected Who You Work For to be a sci-fi thriller story and that ‘Detour’ is a place set in another dimension. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Thomas Moore was actually a person who whole-heartedly abhors technology of any kind. Looking at the cover art of the book, it’s really easy to picture him as a solitary hitman; which he is. Reading about assassins is a first for me and I’m not really experienced in how they work, but after watching the movie, Hitman 47, my opinion of them were stoic and exceptionally strong and knowledgeable in all sorts of weapons imaginable.

However, Thomas Moore is unlike the assassin I had in mind. Instead, he is more of the old-fashioned type, killing the target in close range instead of using long-range weapons or bombs; he prefers strangling them. He’s also old-fashioned in terms of attire and in the words he used. In a way, I appreciated that. Not everything has to be about the modern age. Thomas is definitely a one of a kind and individualistic character.

The other characters were unique too. I found the Stanton family a little peculiar though. Lottie Stanton is by far the strangest character in that family. She seems to function entirely by instinct alone. Not to mention she managed to unnerve Thomas when they first met each other in the church. Ever since then, I found their encounters amusing since Lottie almost always had the upper-hand over Thomas although they had similar mindset.

Moving on to the pacing of the story, I feel that the beginning of the book was a little slow for me with the introduction of various characters. The story did start off with Thomas carrying out a murder but I found it slow because of the many train of thoughts Thomas had before and while he was killing his target. After that particular incident, things started to speed up and I enjoyed especially when Thomas was forced to come out of his hermit-like lifestyle in order to carry out his next mission.

Another thing I liked about the book is that many questions were introduced subtly as the story progresses, making me guess and wonder until the end. Many things took me by surprise and I definitely enjoyed that feeling of suspense when the ending is in sight and the questions still weren’t answered.

Who You Work For presents the main view through Thomas that technology is not actually helping mankind but actually leading them to destruction. That is why Thomas was so cautious with technology. I can’t say I disagree with him, but I can’t say I agree with him either. I do agree with him on one thing though, the choice is always in our hands and we should learn to live with the outcome no matter what. It’s true that there is no point in putting the blame in others when the final choice is up to us.

A truly interesting and extraordinary book that not only made me enjoy reading it but also made me think as well.

I want to extend my thanks to the author, Anthony David Mitchell for being so kind as to send me a lovely copy of his book for review.


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