Book Review: Ascend


Author: Amanda Hocking

Published: April 24th 2012 by St. Martin’s Griffin

The peace treaty between the Trylle in Forening and the Vittra has already been set in place, but Wendy knows she only has a little time before what little peace they have will disappear. Agreeing to a marriage with Tove, she hopes that her rule would not be contested by the Markis and Marksinna of Trylle. But King Oren has other things in mind; he found a loophole in the treaty and now he was after Trylle changelings and other Trylle communities became targets instead.

Just as Wendy was going headlong into her tasks and new responsibilities as a Princess, Loki enters once again into her life. His help would be valuable but getting her people and friends to trust him would be difficult. Should she even trust him? He was still a Vittra, after all. Amidst all the chaos and trouble brimming between both Kingdoms, Wendy finds her heart still aching for Finn and feelings begin to blossom for Loki. As time is running out, Wendy must find a way to end the war once and for all. But can she find a way to defeat a King said to be immortal? Is she able to get a chance at a happy ever after?

Finally! I managed to get my hand on this last book of the very tantalizing Trylle series. I first entered the world of trolls when I read the second book in the Trylle series, Torn. I feel in love with the characters and the story from the beginning.

In Ascend, I felt as if I was reading a modern fairytale. Here’s a Princess who’s headstrong and isn’t contend on sitting back and make other people work out her plans; she works the hardest to bring peace to her kingdom instead. She has two strong knights by her side that she loves dearly. But it turns out that she’s the most important and strongest figure in her kingdom. Wendy is the Princess of Trylle and also the future Queen but she’s also a warrior as well. She’s willing to risk her life and happiness if her actions will save her kingdom.

This time, I got to know more about Elora, Wendy’s real mother who is also the current Queen of Trylle. Back in Torn, I had thought that she was a cold person, who simply wanted her daughter back to make her into the Princess she should be. But in Ascend, it turns out that everything was simply a facade and Elora really cares for her daughter and she loves her much more than she lets on. She is as courageous as Wendy and she actually released the person she loved for the sake of the kingdom. I tried to put myself in her shoes and imagined the hurt she must have felt when she had to put her daughter, then an infant, into a host family. I almost cried. It would be almost impossible to carry out.

Loki appears much more in this book and more of his past is made known. He transformed from a charming and handsome guy into a guy who is capable of loving someone deeply. There were times in the book where I was surprised at his insight and his ability to look into a person’s heart and lay it all out honestly to them whether they liked it or not. Loki and Wendy are rather similar; both of them are affected by their past and they are both so strong and beautiful because of the past that shaped them.

The rivalry between Loki and Finn is really cute. It’s fun to see Finn being so hostile towards Loki. It’s a wonder Loki manages to keep calm most of the time. But they both love and worry over Wendy so I guess it’s a tie there, then.

I found Ascend more intense then Torn, which was probably because the final battle between Trylle and Vittra occurs in this book. It was definitely suspenseful and wonderfully written in such a way that I was pulled into the story. I clearly felt the frustration and the pain Wendy had to face when making the choices that could lead her kingdom to safety. I both wanted to savour this book and finish it as soon as I can, nevermind that I was at work when I read a large portion of Ascend.

Now that I’ve completed Ascend, I can confidently say that I had no regret in picking up Torn in the first place. I just need to get Switched and the story is truly complete.



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