Book Review: Claire Voyant


Author: Rebeckah K. Davis

Published: September 21st 2014

Claire Voyant is just like any other normal, seventeen-year-old girl, whose only hope is to change her last name the moment she hits the eighteenth year in her life. Perhaps then she’ll be able to actually get some friends when she enters college. But everything changes when her beloved grandmother, Ida, mysteriously passes away. Claire finds herself with the gift of clairvoyance: the ability to see ghosts and to see the people’s lives through skin-to-skin contact.

Suddenly, she finds herself surrounded by ghosts and as she struggles with the grief of her grandmother’s passing, she finds herself wanting to help the ghosts that come to her. But not all the ghosts who get close to her are searching for a way to communicate with their loved ones. Claire is also haunted by the very shadows that haunted her grandmother. As she faces the enormity of her gift and the responsibility that comes with it, can she face the truth behind her grandmother’s death?

Claire Voyant is the first book of a series and it tells of how and when Claire inherits her grandmother’s gift of seeing ghosts the moment her grandmother died. It was interesting to see how Claire managed both her gift and the legacy of her maternal family. I think I would freak out if I discovered I have an entire clan of relatives who can see ghosts in Ireland. And to think that Claire found out about everything after her grandmother’s death. That would be adding pain to confusion. It’s a good thing she’s so headstrong and calm. Despite her calmness, I find that she’s a little rude even when she’s speaking to her elders.  One thing I admired about her was her kind-heartedness towards the ghosts. She was willing to help them pass on even though she’s easily irritable.

At the beginning of Claire Voyant, I find that the characters’ moods change abruptly. The first ghost Claire helped changed from being depressed to snobbish at almost the snap of the fingers. That was rather surprising and it affected the pace of the story. But as the story progresses, it gets smoother and the plot gets better though a little predictable at times.

It is interesting to note that there was almost no mention of any romance between Claire and any other male characters throughout the length of the book with the exception of a hint towards the end of it. It’s rather refreshing, really. Finally, a book with a teenage girl as the protagonist and her main worries isn’t about falling in love or which lovely guy to choose as her future partner. Not that I don’t enjoy the reading about romance, I do, but it’s good to read non-romance books once in a while.

I enjoyed reading about the ghosts and humans that came in contact with Claire. They have very realistic pasts and it was saddening reading about them. It just shows that the characters in books are very much alive in the real world and vice versa. I felt that the exposure of such lives, even if a short one is very much appreciated and needed. There were so much unheard pleas and cries for help in the world and I think that it was conveyed through this book and help was given to the characters in the book, enabling them to break free and start over or just to pass on. Claire’s responsibility is a really heavy one and I certainly commend her for trying to help those that need her help.

There are still lots to know and truths to uncover in the story. I, for one, want to know about Spectre’s past. As I read Claire Voyant, I’ve gotten attached to Spectre and his loyalty towards Claire.

I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy of Claire Voyant. I had an excellent adventure indeed.




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