Book Review: Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy


Author: Daniel J Robertson (The Junk Talk Poet)

Published: January 29th 2016 by Amazon

Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy is a short collection of poems about the subtle and usually unknown horrors of today’s society. It is a short read, really. But the poems and what they imply will stick to you for a while and push you to actually see things from a different angle. The collection of poems does not actually contain the horror genre per se, but it is when I see the situation from the poet’s point of view that I can see the hidden terror.

In certain poems, it is obvious what factories and machines are doing to our lives, we learn that in schools, we get to know the disadvantages on the long run. But the way the poet depicts it, it becomes scarier, darker, thus prompting us to try to think in depth. Most, if not all, of the poems in Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy are quite dark and a little sinister. I’d recommend it to those who enjoy reading such genres and those who are searching for something to give them a glimpse of the real world.

When I started to read the collection of poems, my first impression was that the poems had a fantastical and nightmarish sort of feeling to them. But as I concentrated on each poem, I realize that between the lines, I could see what is going on in the world amidst all the talk of wealth and power. Homeless people, beggars and soldiers, although not stated explicitly in the poems, are painted into the poems.

There are times too, where I found it hard to understand certain parts of the poems, but somehow, the vagueness adds to the obscurity of the collection. I certainly hope to be able to unravel the hidden secrets of the poems the next time I read the poems. Perhaps I would be able to see past the nightmare into the truth.

I would like to thank the poet for sending me a copy of his collection of poems.



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