Book Review: Torn


Author: Amanda Hocking

Published: March 1st 2012 by Tor (First Published November 15th 2010)

Wendy Everly knows she isn’t like other humans. Thrown into a new and incredible world of trolls, she discovers that she is a changeling and her real mother is Elora, the Queen of Trylle. But Wendy also discovers that it is her destiny to rule Trylle. Escaping from the palace, she returns to her human family and is captured by the enemy trolls, Vittra. Battered and knocked out, Wendy was brought to Ondarike where she learns more about her heritage than Elora had ever let on. There she meets the mysterious and charming Loki but there’s more to him than meets the eye. Will Wendy make the right choice for her and her feelings?

First off, I would like to say that I really regret starting the Trylle Trilogy with the second book, Torn. I originally bought this book because I actually thought that it was a standalone novel. Now I wish I had bought the whole trilogy instead because I wanted to know more about Wendy back in the first book, Switched, where she was still with her host family. After completing Torn, I am now left hanging and I’m pining for the third book of the trilogy, Ascend. The moment I turned the last page, I promised myself that I will get the first and third book by hook or by crook.

My thoughts on Torn: I absolutely adored it!! I love how Wendy is torn between love and duty, and between doing what she needs to do and what she wants to do. Reading about Wendy and the days she spends in Forening, it is really obvious that being a princess isn’t all that idyllic and romantic as the Disney animations draw it. Instead, there are duties, etiquette, rules and let’s not forget the constant bodyguard (tracker) following her around. She has to be polite at all times and she has to train her abilities while handling the Trylle affairs. It’s admirable the way she can be so kind and trusting. Even though those qualities may be risky when one is a Princess, I still think that it is better to be have them instead of being heartless.

Loki reminds me of Peter Pan, with the way he asked Wendy ( see the similarities?) to run away with him from all the conflict between the two tribes. He is so cute especially during the scenes when he alternates between teasing and being honest with Wendy. There is much more about Loki apart from his good looks and charms. He hides something painful inside which comes out at times. It is his occasional vulnerability that draws me to him and I certainly want to know more about him. Between his and Finn, I think that Wendy is going to get a hard time choosing, I hope.

I was captivated by the vivid picture painted on the surroundings and interior of the palace in Forening. It seemed so magical and fairy tale- like. On the other hand, the Vittra palace in Ondarike seemed more grand and gothic. Both palaces were certainly befitting of the king and queen living in them.

Speaking of queens, I expected Elora to be cold-hearted but she was just locking her feelings and emotions deep inside in order to rule Trylle and guide them through the hard times against Vittra to the best of her abilities. Elora was so powerful and yet so frail. I could sense the underlying affection she has towards Wendy, even though she wasn’t with her all her life. But knowing Wendy, I believe that she is able to carve out a different future for herself, unlike the one Elora had envisioned.

Although most of the characters in Torn are trolls, they have more human characters than they would appreciate. I am glad that when trolls are mentioned, I can now imagine them as beautiful creatures with a love for accessories that sparkle and glimmer.

Now, let the hunt for the remaining books in the Trylle Trilogy begin.


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