Book Review: Blind Shady Bend


Author: Adina Sara

Published: August 1st 2015 by Regent Press

Hannah Blackwell is sixty-nine going on seventy and has been living a rather predictable life for as long she could remember.She expected it would be the same when she’s seventy until she receives a letter that catches her by surprise and unearths past memories. As she makes the trip to Blind Shady, the residents of the street seems to be hiding secrets of themselves and Hannah finds herself attracted to Blind Shady and the house more than she has anticipated.

Blind Shady Bend was certainly something different from what I’m used to reading. This book had a calm and controlled feeling about it, probably because that’s how Hannah is like. At the same time, the story line was rather unpredictable too, as are all the characters in the book. Told from the view points of Hanna, Winston, Pete, Callie, and Robin, I got a glimpse of their lives and the people around them. I learnt about their past, their thoughts, their fears and the burdens they bear.

The many characters in Blind Shady Bend was individualistic and realistic. All the problems they faced were what we can easily find in the world and reading how they continue to live their lives showed me that the right thing is just to take one step at a time. Truth to be told, I didn’t expect Hannah to have such an impact on the majority of the residents living around that rundown house. Hannah is such an enigmatic person and I think that if only everyone around me is just a little like her, it would certainly make things more easier or perhaps more exasperating. Anyway, I just love that old lady. She brightens up the whole story even though she has her own past and problems to face.

The characters are easy to relate to and succeed in making me think about the lives of the people I know and about mankind in general. I enjoyed reading about the many thoughts and struggles of Hannah and Robin. Callie’s problems were human and frankly, what most people face these days.

I would recommend this book to anyone who just wants a slice-of-life story. Something not out of the ordinary but just something just right for the heart. A book that you can just fall into when you have had a bad day.

I would also like to thank the author, Adina Sara for introducing me to her awesome book.


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