Book Review: The Prophecy (The Fulfillment Series #1)


Author: Erin Rhew

Published: October 1st by BookFish Books (First Published November 1st 2013)

Layla Givens thought that she was another ordinary Vanguard, so she did not give much thought when her adopted parents instructed her to always wear her hood and put on her eye drops whenever she went to the village square. However, everything changed on the Day of Dawning. Layla found herself proclaimed to be the Fulfillment who will bring peace between the two warring kingdoms, Vanguard and Etherea.

Captured by Elder Warrick, an elder from the Ecclesiastics, Layla was forcefully brought to Etherea, where she would be presented to the prince as his bride, for the sake of fulfilling the Prophecy. Layla did not intend to marry an enemy so she planned to escape the moment she got wind that her family was saved. Unfortunately, the carriage carrying her to Etherea was ambushed and she had to flee or be killed.

Luckily enough, she was rescued by a stranger, who introduced himself to her as Nash. Together, they made their way to Etherea. In that short period they were together, Layla found herself being helplessly attracted to the strikingly handsome Nash. Likewise, Nash was falling in love with her too. But their feelings for each other is hazardous not only towards themselves but also towards future peace between the two kingdoms. Everything starts to unravel as Nash’s true past is revealed.

I really enjoyed reading The Prophecy. One of the many reasons is because Layla is such a strong, fierce character. She’s not the type of girl who sits around waiting to be saved by a prince, she actually takes her own future into her own hands, although at times she still gets saved by one. I also love her spirit which is both compassionate and fiery. She eagerly fights against anything that presents any threat and she wants to help both Nash and Wil in any way she can. Although Layla is a Vanguard, she manages to understand the way Wil thinks and even gives him encouragement when she cans, even though Wil is originally her enemy.

The ease at which Layla managed to accept that Ethereals are not what she was brought up to believe is admirable. It certainly isn’t an easy feat to be able to be friends with people you were supposed to hate and fear. I felt that ever since Layla got to know Wil, Nash and Vespa, she began to be feel a little more. She started shedding tears and feeling afraid, despite the Vanguard ideals that a Vanguard should never show any weaknesses. Although it embarrasses her, I think that it makes her seem a lot more gentle.

Wil and Nash are definitely different. Wil is more gentle and kind, while I think that Nash is capable of being cruel when the need arises. But that doesn’t make Nash a scary character, instead his cool exterior just makes one wants to know his thoughts and get to know the real side of him. Wil on the other hand, just wants to protect all he holds dear and is a true king in the making, although as the story progresses, I believe that Wil is already king in everything but name. If I had to choose, I guess I’d choose Wil. Or maybe I’d choose Nash. Or maybe I’d choose a little of both of them, please. But to be honest, I can clearly see why Layla has gotten herself into a bind over her feelings for the both of them, binding or no binding.

It would certainly be interesting to see how Layla get her heart and feelings in order, confused as she is at the moment.

What is unique about The Prophecy is not only about the exquisite appearance of the main characters but also a lack of description of the environment. Throughout the story, the emotions and facial expressions of the characters are explained at length, but not the surrounding settings. Some might find that it might dim the picture the story is painting in their minds, but I feel that the lack of description only helps to fuel my imagination. Since, there is hardly any mention of the apparels of both Vanguard and Etherea citizens, I find that I am free to imagine how they look like. Their attires could be 19th century or 18th century. I am also free to imagine the geographical setting of the story as well as the palaces. In other words, the author paints a vivid image of the characters but it’s up to us to picture them in whatever surroundings we can imagine that is suitable.

I would like to thank the author, Erin Rhew for a copy of The Prophecy. I loved every second I spent reading it.



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