Book Review: Heart Healer


Author: Leslie Bowes

Published: January 10th 2016 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Catherine is sold off by her father to Mr. Von-Clyer,Blake, to pay off his debts but instead of taking her as a servant, Mr. Von-Clyer takes her as his wife, much to her dismay. Catherine’s initial dislike for Blake turns into terror as soon as she gets to know him. Blake was taught since he was young to punish the weak and in his eyes, Catherine was one of them. On the night of their marriage, she was beaten up and forced upon by her husband. After that horrifying ordeal, Catherine decides to take a plunge into the powerful currents of the river and instead of dying, travels from the year 1860 to the 21st century.

Christopher is struggling with his own burdens and nursing the wounds of a broken heart. Left with his traumatized son after his wife ran away to Paris, he happens upon Catherine who  was found drifting along the river. After rescuing the beautiful lady clad in clothes from another century, he found that his heart was able to love another person after all and works on building a new life with his son Ryan, and Catherine.

But such a happy ending was not to happen after all, when Blake finally managed to trace the whereabouts of his unhappy wife. This time, Blake is not only furious but also even more dangerous as he is driven half crazed by the memories of his late wife and the fact that Catherine did not love him. Would Catherine be dragged back to the hellish place and be forced to submit to Blake Von-Clyer or will true love prevail?

Heart Healer has quite an interesting and original plot. Seldom have I come across books containing both time-travel and romance and I rather like this story and how it turned out. I find Leslie a headstrong girl despite what her cruel husband, Blake may think that she is a weak being and therefore, deserves to be trampled on. I’m glad that she managed to meet Christopher in the 21st century, because it gives her a chance to really fall in love and be loved for who she is.

Christopher, on the other hand, is unlike all the usual male characters you find in romance book. He is not flirtatious, he isn’t drop dead gorgeous, he isn’t the macho type, but he is gentle, patient, well-mannered and handsome enough. He even cherishes his son and prepares his meals instead of dropping him off at the baby sitter. That scored a point with me. I also love how he sat by Catherine’s side all the time after he rescued her from the river. To sum it all up, Christopher is the perfect husband for anyone out there who’s looking for a safe haven and to feel loved and secure.

Although I enjoyed the story and it’s plot, I feel that it can still be explored and lengthened. I find the book too short and the pace of the story going too fast, especially in the beginning where Catherine was being taken by Blake as his wife. The trip on the ship was said to last ten days but after a few sentences, Catherine already found herself on the Von-Clyer estates. I would’ve liked to read more of the terrors and the fear that Catherine felt in her as she traveled during those ten days locked in a cabin.

Where the details about Christopher’s background was solid, I realised that Catherine’s was rather vague. This made Christopher more real a character to me compared to Catherine. The author described Christopher’s past with his father and the pain he felt at the lost of him with perfect clarity and in a way anyone could relate to. On the other hand, I don’t really know much about Catherine, about the happier times when her mother was around, those memories surrounding her mother and her, or mother and daughter talks when she was a child. I wanted to know more about Catherine, her talents, her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, what she really felt about her father.. etc…

I also thought that Catherine’s quick adaptation to the 21st century was really quick. She did not question the strange attires of Christopher and Emma and when given jeans, it seems that she managed to wear it with no problem at all. Even when Emma took Catherine shopping, she wasn’t curious or cautious about sitting in a car. Not to mention  she learned to make tacos pretty quickly. I’d wanted to see what her reaction was when using a stove or watching the television for the first time.

In Blake’s case, his anger and madness was the interesting part about him in the story. Almost every time he is mentioned in the book, the atmosphere around him was usually violent or angry. What was disturbing was that the ease Blake could kill people, especially his own son. Imagine just firing straight at his son’s chest. It made me wonder if he had ever loved his son at all.

To be honest, I enjoyed reading Heart Healer, it being such a short story but I think that the characters in the book could be delved into more deeper to provide the readers a better insight into the characters’ past and their personality. I believe that the plot of the story is already beautifully told in the book. With a little improvements, the book would be just a perfect original romance book.

Many thanks to the author Leslie Bowes for a copy of the digital version of Heart Healer.



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  1. Bookaholic says:

    fantastic review, enjoyed reading it


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