Book Review: Rarity from the Hollow

1 Rarity Front Cover WEB (2)

Author: Robert Eggleton

Published: March 16th 2012 by Dog Horn Publishing

Lacy Dawn is unlike any other kids her age. Behind her young life of being abused by her father who is changed by the Gulf War, is an important task and destiny waiting for her. Lacy Dawn has magical powers which can heal others and she can levitate around and her best friends are the trees in the hollow as well as Faith, a ghost. Lacy Dawn can also speak to inanimate objects and she is very smart, with her brain filled with all sorts of information and knowledge that should belong to university students.

But Lacy Dawn has a secret; she has a friend called DotCom, who is an android slowly turning human. He helps her fix her family and plugs her in for daily lessons he deems necessary for her future job. As the abuse stops, and her father starts to build his life and his family again, the romance between Lucy Dawn and DotCom begins to blossom and a relationship forms between them.

Another problem arises: the planet where DotCom originated needs Lacy Dawn’s help; in fact, she was chosen for this very reason. It is up to Lacy Dawn and her team to figure out what the problem is on Shptilurdp and how to solve it because that is the only way Lacy Dawn can be with DotCom for the rest of her life.

As stated on the front cover of the book, Rarity from the Hollow really is a children’s story meant for adults. And by adults, I meant strictly adults. At the beginning there are several slightly disturbing abuse scenes which frankly, troubles me. It just serves to make me wonder the true extend of child abuse and substance abuse which is scattered in the story. In Rarity from the Hollow, Lacy Dawn’s father was fixed by DotCom who used optic fibres to transmit the necessary medication to heal him. But such stuff won’t happen in real life. As I read through the story, I hoped that such a method would be available to help abusive parents. Truthfully, I’m interested in the psychology behind abuse and how it affect the abuser and the victim. In this case, I believe that Lacy Dawn’s father felt regret and loathed himself each time he switched Lacy Dawn and her mom. From the beginning, I find that Lacy Dawn is a very strong and brave girl, able to stand up to her father for the sake of helping her mother. She grew up before her time and she was fine with it until her adolescence years.

The story has a serious tone at the start of the story, talking about heavy issues and describing the lifestyle of poorer families. Imagine a neighbour having a secret pot farm at the back of his house, I don’t think that would be a pretty sight for children to grow up with. Not to mention that Faith’s death due to abuse came as a shock to me. But as the story progresses, the supernatural and the fantasy part starts to show. Faith comes back as a ghost and lives in the forest in the hollow to talk to Lacy Dawn every time Lacy Dawn goes to the forest to ask the trees for advice or simply to tell them about her day.

The way the book ends was quite unexpected and a little funny at the same time. Fancy having cockroaches evolved to such a high level where they are immune to poison. That would really be a huge problem to humans. Although the ending was fun and interesting, I was also left a little unsatisfied. I guess I would have to imagine that Lacy Dawn and DotCom/Bucky really ends up married. I agree with the author’s mindset that sex should wait until after marriage which sadly, is not something everyone holds on to this days.

If there is anything I didn’t especially liked in the book was the mention of Jesus as a name randomly created by aliens to be thrown into human lives. When I read that part, I felt that God isn’t being taken seriously and I was disappointed with that thought. Other than that, I rather enjoyed this wacky story which is analogous to a roller coaster ride.

I would like to say a thank you to the author, Robert Eggleton for sending me a free digital copy for review.


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