Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Songs I Wish That Were Books

I’ve been reading Top Ten Tuesday posts in a few book blogs for a while now. So this time, I’ve decided to take part. Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly feature created by the amazing book bloggers at the Broke and the Bookish. So today the theme is 10 songs I wish that were books. I love music and I listen to all sort of songs that catches my fancy. The only catch is that I listen more to Japanese songs instead of English ones, so my list will probably open up a whole new world of music to you. I’ll just link the video on Youtube in case you guys get curious *winks*

1. Nine Point Eight by Mili

For those who play Deemo and Cytus (both of which are excellent and beautiful music games from Rayark.Inc), you might be familiar with the song and the singer too. Although this isn’t my most favourite song from Mili, this song is still beautiful and has the plot to be written into a short story or a full-length book. To summarize it up, Nine Point Eight is about a girl who wants to commit suicide by jumping of a building so that she can be reunited with her boyfriend who died. Mili’s songs have a cheerful and childlike melody to it and although the song is somewhat dark, I always find myself humming along to it.

2. Silent Scream by Anna Blue

I stumbled across Anna Blue a year back and although the lyrics are emotional and gothic, they tell a story, nevertheless. Silent Scream is about a girl who couldn’t fit in in school and her parents seems to always be quarreling. The only people she could really be herself is with her boyfriend and her good friend.

3. Ikanaide by Souta

This Japanese song was originally sang by Kaai Yuki. I enjoyed both the Japanese and the English version. The English cover that I particularly enjoyed was by Jubyphonic. The meaning of the song title is”don’t go”, which kinda explains the song. It’s a song about heartbreak as the girl goes somewhere far away.

4. Fly by Maddie and Tae

I fell in love with this country song from Maddie and Tae the moment I heard it. It’s about staying strong and hanging on during the process of growing up and in doing anything. It’s a very encouraging song which would be very suitable to be written into a heartbreaking romance novel which I will definitely read.

5. Our Story by Nano

I’ve listened to song covers and original songs sang by Nano even before she started singing opening songs for animes. Our story is actually a live session song which I really loved because the song contained to much emotions and it tells of just how far she’s gone since the start of her singing career. As usual, I can just imagine this song rewritten as a book about two people separated and how much they wish they could meet each other and be reunited. It would be peppered with worries and prayers for each other.

6. Hifukiyama no Mahoutsukai by Maeda Jun and Yanagi Nagi

Hifukiyama no Mahoutsukai means the Wizard of Firetop Moutain. Obviously, it’s meant to be a fantasy book. It’s about two kids who entered a volcano to search for a stone which enables the user to use magic. As they continued to explore, they ran into a dragon and the boy lured the dragon away from the girl to protect her. The girl manged to find the stone but as she wished for the dragon to burn, she realized that the boy was clamped in the dragon’s mouth. To prevent the boy from dying, she turned the boy into diamond so that he wouldn’t melt in magma. Forget making this song into a book, it can be turned into an entire series!

7. Connecting by Halyosy 

This song is a collaboration by many singers. Another Japanese song, connecting is about how people from all around the world can connect with one another through songs written and their voices. There’s another version consisting of singers from different countries singing in their traditional languages.

8. Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton

Probably made famous by the comedy movie, White Chicks, I’ve listened to this song with my friends since I was in primary school and I’m proud to say that I can still remember the lyrics to this song after all these years.

9. Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore

I chose this song because this song is filled with hidden meanings and tainted innocence. I’ve never realized that until I read it up on a website somewhere. It could be a story based on a child’s imaginations and the real world at the same time. After all, imagining is a way to escaped a scarred reality.

10. The Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic! At the Disco

By now, I’m already running out of songs that I wish were books. But, at last I’ve already reached the tenth song. The Ballad of Mona Lisa probably seems like a song about a memorial service and how in the end everyone finds out that the guy was murdered by the woman (his girlfriend, I assume). But there is more to this song. There seem to be implications that the woman is cheating on the dead man too. Definitely a good story to write, haha.


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I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science. I am a great lover of books from all sorts of genres (except horror because I've never actually read one due to my overactive imagination). My other passion is animals and I aspire to be a veterinarian one day.
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  1. AH YES I LOVE PANIC! AT THE DISCO. They are so great! Awesome list!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

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