Book Review: The Soul Hunter (Day of Evil Series: Book 2)


Author: Melanie Wells

Published: May 1st 2006 by Multomah Books


Dylan Foster, a psychology professor, was just preparing for a date when she heard a thump at her door. Expecting a pleasant surprise, instead she got a bloody ax. The next day, printed in the newspaper was the death (by beheading, of course) of Drew Sturdivant. Also by coincidence, Peter Terry comes back to haunt her, turning her daily life into chaos. As Dylan continues to investigate and dive deeper into the murder of Drew, she found more hints that Peter Terry has a lot to do with Drew and her past.

The police has already arrested a suspect, Gordon Pryne, a convicted rapist. But he, too, seems to be haunted by evil things too. Dylan has her suspicions whether Gordon was the murderer and she continue to find clues that points to his innocence. But after Gordon confessed to everything, only when Dylan speaks the truth will she find out if Gordon was truly the murderer.

I enjoyed reading The Soul Hunter. It was chilling, suspenseful and thrilling. The fact that Drew’s murder might have something to do the supernatural (demons) sent a shiver down my spine. There were parts in the story where I was really spooked. One of the parts was when little Nicholas sang “Peter loves me this I know” in the tune of “Jesus loves me”. I was scared because my mum always sang that song to me when I was young. Replacing Peter with Jesus is a little unnerving because in the book, Peter Terry was obviously a demon.

The Soul Hunter is the second book in the Day of Evil series. I did not have the pleasure of reading the first and third book because they were unavailable in my church’s library, unfortunately. So I’ll just have to be left hanging on the origins of Peter Terry and what happened between him and Dylan in the first book. Something to do with a lake, I gather from The Soul Hunter. But even though there are some obscure parts in the second book due to not reading the first one, The Soul Hunter can still be read as a stand-alone novel.

I admire Dylan Foster. Being the protagonist of the book, she was the one who has to be tossed this way and that. She was the one who had to face the most troubles, although I suppose that has to be attributed to her bad luck. What made me admire her was that she didn’t let it out that she felt scared about Peter Terry and the murderer leaving a bloody ax on her doorstep. Of course, she’s terrified but the only way I could find out about that was by reading her thoughts. Mainly, she manages to calm herself before she could freak out. She could even sleep in her room even though she knows that Peter Terry could go in to scare her awake at three thirty in the morning. Maybe that’s the personality of all psychology professor: they don’t get unhinged easily, even when the supernatural’s involved.

Melanie Wells writing style in The Soul Hunter is easy to read and quirky. She manages to slip some humour in the midst of all the horror and mystery. She makes the story interesting and reading the many lines of thoughts of Dylan Foster fun.

If I have to say, who was my favourite character, I’d say Melissa. Yeah, that red-furred rabbit. Who wouldn’t like a bunny that acts like a dog? And she sounded so cuddly too! My only regret is that I can’t read the first and third of the series. 


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