A Matter of Honour


Author: Jeffrey Archer

Published: 2003 by Pan MacMillan (First published December 31st 1985)

I started this book yesterday and to honest, was very unwilling to put it down to go to bed. So I’m so glad that today is a public holiday and I vowed that I would finish this book today. That’s exactly what I did, in one sitting. To be honest, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from this novel by Jeffrey Archer. He wasted no time in lengthy introductions of main characters. Instead, he dived into action almost right away and provided you with necessary information along the story.

Who would have thought that inheriting a mysterious letter would lead to such trouble? Adam Scott was just curious about the letter his parents had mentioned in an argument when he was young and when he actually got it after his father’s death, being the soldier he was, he went to painstaking lengths to get the letter translated. Certainly, he was given a chance to clear his father’s and his family’s name once and for all. But there was also and icon waiting for him in the vaults of a Swiss Bank. Little did he know that the Russians were also after that painting. Thus, Adam got himself involved in a mess which he had no idea of. It was after his girlfriend, Heidi got murdered that he realized just how serious a situation he was in.

Fortunately enough, Adam got all sorts of help from various people. I’d call him lucky but as most of the help he received came from women, I’d call him a charming guy indeed. I found the entire chase extremely exciting and fast-paced but the part I enjoyed the most was when the hunted became the hunter instead almost at the end of the story. It’s such a pity that Adam didn’t get a chance to kill Romanov but the deed was done by Lawrence, Adam’s good friend instead. I consider Romanov’s murder a revenge from Lawrence for all the hardships that Adam had to go through (mainly heartbreak and torture).

I’ve always loved to read Jeffrey Archer novels and since I’ve missed the action often found in his books, I certainly wasn’t disappointed when I plucked A Matter of Honour off my TBR shelf. I look forward to getting his latest book, Mightier than a Sword.


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I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science. I am a great lover of books from all sorts of genres (except horror because I've never actually read one due to my overactive imagination). My other passion is animals and I aspire to be a veterinarian one day.
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